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Week 4

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Week 4 (February 1 - 6, 2010)




Participants will engage in whole group activity to finalize the choice of pre-texts as the basis for the process drama production.


Then, we will form “breakout groups” and work in smaller groups using Ning “Stages” to process and then showcase our Process Dramas. 


Participants will be asked to join only one of these breakout groups.


EVO_Drama_2010 Co-moderators will each facilitate one “Stage,” as follows:


Gary Carkin, facilitator Stage 1 =             http://process-drama-stage-1.ning.com/


Shin-Mei Kao, facilitator Stage 2 =           http://process-drama-stage-2.ning.com/ 


Susan Hillyard, facilitator Stage 3 =         http://process-drama-stage-3.ning.com/


Fernanda Molla, facilitator Stage 4  =       http://process-drama-stage-4.ning.com/


Jessica Davis, facilitator Stage 5 =           http://process-drama-stage-5.ning.com/


George Plautz, facilitator Stage 6 =          http://process-drama-stage-6.ning.com/


(to be determined), facilitator Stage 7 =  http://process-drama-stage-7.ning.com/


Participants will develop their strategies around the selected pre-texts. Their suggested strategies will then support the movement of the drama stemming from the pre-text.


Once a strategy is suggested, it will be demonstrated by moderators and other participants in such a way that it not only deepens the drama but explores the mechanism of the strategy in several ways, at the same time, moving the drama on.


We will be building the drama while discussing and implementing the process.


*Each subgroup will plan their own synchronous chat times, using the text chat available on each subgroup’s Ning Stage, and Skype for voice chats.


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